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How Vehicle Fire Blankets Ensure Safe Vehicle Transportation in Ferries?

In recent news, a cargo ship carrying nearly 3000 vehicles caught fire in the northern waters of the Netherlands. This incident highlights the critical need for safety measures in vehicle transportation, especially when it involves ferry services. One such crucial safety device is the vehicle fire blanket, which plays a vital role in preventing and mitigating fire incidents during sea transportation. This article explores the significance of vehicle fire blankets in ferry transportation and how they safeguard passengers, crew, and cargo from potential disasters.
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The Recent News of a Cargo Ship Fire in the Netherlands

The incident of the cargo ship fire in the Netherlands sent shockwaves through the shipping industry. The potential loss of thousands of vehicles and the risk posed to human lives underscores the importance of robust safety protocols. Fires onboard vehicles during sea voyages can escalate rapidly due to limited firefighting resources and the isolated nature of the ship.

Importance of Vehicle Transportation by Sea

Sea transportation is a crucial aspect of global trade, and the conveyance of vehicles by ferries is an integral part of it. Transporting vehicles across waterways is often more efficient and cost-effective than alternative methods. However, with such large quantities of vehicles onboard, the risks associated with fire incidents cannot be ignored.
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The Role of Vehicle Fire Blankets in Ferry Transportation

Definition and Functionality of Vehicle Fire Blankets

Vehicle fire blankets are specialized fire safety devices designed to suppress and control fires that may break out within vehicles during transit. These blankets are made of high-temperature-resistant materials that can withstand intense heat and prevent the spread of flames.
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Benefits of Using Vehicle Fire Blankets in Ferry Transportation

Fire Suppression and Prevention

One of the primary benefits of vehicle fire blankets is their ability to suppress and prevent fires. In the event of a small fire within a vehicle, the fire blanket can be quickly deployed to smother the flames before they escalate.

Protection of Passengers and Crew

The safety of passengers and crew members is of paramount importance during any sea voyage. Vehicle fire blankets provide an additional layer of protection, allowing people to evacuate safely in case of a fire outbreak.

Minimizing Property Damage

The financial implications of a vehicle fire can be immense. By using fire blankets, ferry operators can minimize property damage and protect the valuable cargo they transport.

Case Study: Successful Implementation of Vehicle Fire Blankets

Incident Details

In a recent incident involving a ferry, a fire broke out in one of the vehicles being transported. Thanks to the prompt response of the crew, a vehicle fire blanket was immediately deployed, effectively containing the flames.

How Vehicle Fire Blankets Prevented a Disaster

The deployed fire blanket suppressed the fire and prevented it from spreading to nearby vehicles. This quick action not only saved the vehicle in question but also averted a potential disaster that could have endangered the entire ferry and its occupants.

Best Practices for Using Vehicle Fire Blankets

To ensure the effectiveness of vehicle fire blankets, ferry operators should adhere to best practices, including regular inspections, maintenance, and crew training in their proper use. Additionally, integrating fire blankets into the vessel’s safety procedures and emergency response plans is essential.

Compliance and Regulations

National and international maritime authorities often establish regulations and guidelines regarding the safety equipment required for ferry operations. Compliance with these regulations ensures that ferry operators prioritize passenger and cargo safety.


The cargo ship fire incident in the Netherlands serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety measures in vehicle transportation by sea. Vehicle fire blankets play a crucial role in safeguarding passengers, crew, and cargo from fire-related disasters during ferry transportation. By promptly deploying these fire safety devices and adhering to best practices and regulations, ferry operators can significantly reduce the risk of fire incidents and protect both human lives and valuable assets.


  1. What are vehicle fire blankets?
  2. Vehicle fire blankets are specialized fire safety devices used to suppress and control fires within vehicles during sea transportation.
  3. How do vehicle fire blankets work?
  4. Vehicle fire blankets smother flames by cutting off the supply of oxygen, effectively preventing the fire from spreading.
  5. Are vehicle fire blankets reusable?
  6. In most cases, vehicle fire blankets are designed for single use only. Once deployed, they should be replaced with new ones.
  7. Are vehicle fire blankets mandatory on ferries?
  8. Regulations may vary by region, but many maritime authorities require the presence of fire safety equipment, including fire blankets, on board ferries.
  9. Can vehicle fire blankets be used for other types of fires?
  10. While vehicle fire blankets are designed for vehicle-related fires, they can be used in various fire emergencies where smothering flames is necessary.