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What is a welding blanket?

A welding blanket is safety equipment specifically designed for welders, it’s a must-have for any welding project. The welding blanket will go a long way in making sure that welders don’t get splatters of molten metal everywhere during the welding process.

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When we’re doing a welding job, spread the welding blanket on the ground or hang it in a suitable place. In this way, the welding blanket can effectively prevent small and medium welding sparks from damaging the surrounding objects.

How to Choose a Welding Blanket?

Welding blanket, so many different materials, sizes, functions… It’s very hard to decide what type of welding blanket you actually need. If you don’t want to make the wrong choice, be sure to read this entire article. We will give you information about all the different materials and their applications

For What Applications Can I Use A Welding Blanket?

Obviously for Welding! The welding blanket are originally designed and produced for the purpose of welding. As it has a very high performance of heat resistance, it can work as a shield to protect other materials against sparks and splatter. Like the bodywork of a car, a wooden floor, a carpet, …  it also comes in handy while grinding, cutting and every other activity that creates heat

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The welding blanket can also be used to protect the wood deck or lawn from the fire pit or grill. You can even make a bonfire on a good welding blanket, the lawn underneath will be protected.

What You Must Know About The Materials Of A Welding Blanket

1. Fiberglass welding blanket

Fiberglass welding blanket is made of 100% fiberglass material, with very high-temperature resistance,  it’s an excellent tool for us. Cheap/Very heat resistant/Strong and durable. The disadvantage is that fiberglass loses small sheds that irritate the skin.



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2. Leather welding blanket

Leather is a natural product that is fire-resistant on its own. For that reason, many welding apparels (like welding aprons, welding sleeves, welding jackets etc.) is made of leather, more specifically split cow leather. Leather blankets are nicer to work with than fiberglass, but it’s also much more expensive and heavier. Normally a leather blanket doesn’t have any grommets, so they work perfectly as a cover to protect car bodies against sparks and splatter.

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3. Felt welding blanket

Felt is a sort of textile that is not woven but by pressing the fibers together. To make a felt welding blanket, carbon is used for the heat-resistant character. Carbon felt has a temperature resistance of about 1000 degrees Celsius, which is higher than fiberglass and leather. Felt also feels soft and won’t irritate your skin. The disadvantage is that it’s not as strong as fiberglass and leather, and it won’t last as long either.

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So, actually welding blankets made of fiberglass is actually the best option, just we need to add a coating on the surface to avoid fiberglass losing small sheds that irritate the skin.

So what kind of coating can we have for Welding Blanket?

1. Silicone Coating

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Silicon is heat-resistant material that feels soft. These characteristics make it excellent to use as a coating for fiberglass. The downside is that they are not resistant to high temperatures. They are great for light-duty welding work. Also, the silicone coating is very expensive.

2. Vermiculite coating

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If you need a welding blanket that doesn’t irritate your skin and has great heat resistance, a vermiculite-coated welding blanket could be the right choice. Vermiculite is a safe coating that increases all the wanted requirements of a welding blanket: it can resist a high temperature and it doesn’t irritate the skin. Vermiculite welding blankets are the best choice for both lights as heavy-duty welding.

3. PU coating

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PU coating is also very popular in the Welding protection industry, just the hand feel is slightly hard. But it has better heat resistance performance.

Manufacturer Suggestion for Welding Blanket

Jiangxi Suihua Fiberglass Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of welding blankets, we provide all kinds of welding blankets with different coatings. Feel Free to learn more on our official website: www.suihuafiberglass.com