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Flexible Anti Fire Fiberglass Welding Soft Fire Blanket Rolls
  • Flexible Anti Fire Fiberglass Welding Soft Fire Blanket Rolls
  • fire blanket
  • fire blanket
  • fire blanket
  • fire blanket
  • fire blanket

Flexible Anti Fire Fiberglass Welding Soft Fire Blanket Rolls

Model Number:fire blanket
Material:100% Fiberglass
Size:1m*1m 1.2*1.2m 1.5*1.5m 1.2*1.8m 1.8*1.8m 2*2m
Application:CE EN 1869:1997 EN 1869:2019 ISO9001
Packing:PVC Soft Bag
Temperature resistant:550 Celsius
Function:Fire - Resistant 100%

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