Exhaust Wrap Titanium Heat 5cm*15M 29.4oz/1000gsm 16.4 Yard Roll For Motorcycle engine
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Exhaust wrap For motorcycle engine
  • Exhaust wrap For motorcycle engine
  • Exhaust Heat Wrap
  • Titanium Exhaust Header Wrap
  • Titanium Wrap
  • Exhaust Wrap Titanium Heat 5cm*15M 29.4oz/1000gsm 16.4 Yard Roll For Motorcycle engine
  • Exhaust Wrap Certificate

Exhaust Wrap Titanium Heat 5cm*15M 29.4oz/1000gsm 16.4 Yard Roll For Motorcycle engine

Product Name: Titanium Exhaust Wrap
Material Type: 100%  Basalt Fiberglass
Thickness: 1.3MM
Width: 50MM 10MM Or customized
Roll Length: 5M 15M Or customized
Weaving Method: Plain woven/ Twill woven
1.High temperature resistance
2.High resistance to abrasions
3.High tensile strength
4.Resistance to oil spills

Exhaust Wrap

Titanium exhaust wrap for motorcycles is a specific type of exhaust wrap that’s made from titanium fibers or has a titanium-infused coating. It offers similar benefits to traditional exhaust wraps but with some additional advantages:

Heat Resistance: Titanium exhaust wrap is highly resistant to heat, even more so than standard fiberglass wraps. This makes it particularly suitable for motorcycles, where space in the engine bay is limited and exhaust pipes are often closer to sensitive components like the rider’s legs or other parts of the bike.

Weight Reduction: Titanium exhaust wrap is typically lighter than traditional materials like fiberglass. In motorcycles, where weight savings can contribute to performance improvements, this can be an attractive feature.

Durability: Titanium exhaust wrap tends to be more durable and resistant to degradation from heat, oil, and road debris compared to fiberglass wraps. This means it may have a longer lifespan and require less frequent replacement.

Aesthetics: Like other exhaust wraps, titanium wrap can give motorcycles a sleek, performance-oriented look. The metallic sheen of titanium adds to the visual appeal, making it a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Performance: While the primary purpose of exhaust wrap is heat management, some motorcycle riders and mechanics believe that titanium wrap, with its superior heat resistance, may offer slightly better performance benefits compared to other materials. This includes potential improvements in exhaust scavenging and reduced heat soak in the engine bay.

Installation: Installing titanium exhaust wrap on a motorcycle follows the same process as other types of exhaust wrap. It involves tightly wrapping the material around the exhaust headers or pipes and securing it in place with stainless steel ties or other fasteners.

Maintenance: Like any exhaust wrap, titanium wrap requires periodic inspection to ensure it remains intact and properly secured. While it is more durable than fiberglass wraps, it’s still important to check for signs of wear and tear and replace it as needed to maintain its effectiveness..

Exhaust Wrap Certificate

Titanium Exhaust Header Wrap

Exhaust Heat Wrap

Titanium Exhaust Header Wrap

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