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  • Car Fire Blanket
    Car Fire Blanket EV (electric vehicle) fire blanket is a specialized type of fire safety equipment designed specifically for addressing fires involving electric vehicles. With the increasing popularity ... Learn More
  • Fiberglass Cloth
    Fiberglass Cloth Fiberglass cloth is a type of fabric made from woven strands of glass fibers. These fibers are typically made from molten glass that is drawn into fine threads. Fiberglass cloth is know... Learn More
  • Fiberglass Tape
    Fiberglass Tape Woven fiberglass tape is a type of reinforcement material made from woven strands of glass fibers. It's similar to fiberglass cloth but in tape form, which typically means it's narrower... Learn More
  • Fire Blanket
    Fire Blanket A fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish small fires by smothering them with a flame-resistant material. Typically made of fiberglass or other fire-resistant materials, ... Learn More
  • Fire Pit Mat
    Fire Pit Mat A fire pit mat is a protective barrier designed to be placed underneath a fire pit to help prevent damage to the surface below. These mats are typically made of heat-resistant materials... Learn More
  • Fireproof Cloak
    Fireproof Cloak fireproof cloak is a protective garment designed to shield the wearer from flames and heat. While traditional cloaks were often made from materials like wool or cotton, fireproof cloaks... Learn More
  • Welding Blanket
    Welding Blanket A welding blanket is a protective covering used to shield surrounding areas from sparks, spatter, and heat generated during welding, cutting, and grinding operations. These blankets are... Learn More
  • Welding Habitats
    Welding Habitats Welding habitats, also known as welding enclosures or welding tents, are protective structures used in industrial settings to contain and control the environment during welding operatio... Learn More
Company Profile Jiangxi Suihua Fiberglass Co., Ltd is a top manufacturer in China, we are supplying Fire Protection products produced by fiberglass with more than 15 years of experience. Our products range from Fire Blankets, Car Fire Blankets, BBQ Fireproof Mats, Fireproof Cloak, Welding Fireproof Mats, and so on. We are also a manufacturer of Fiberglass Cloth and Fiberglass Tape, so we have rigorous quality control on every production process from material to finished products. Also with excellent cost control. With our business growing, we are enlarging our business with a new 20,000M2 plant. Higher technical support, higher quality control, and quicker delivery time can be provided to support our customers. Currently, we are looking for Distributors and dealers from the global market to work together to build a long-term and fruitful business relationship. Any interested, please feel free to contact us! Learn More About Us
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